Korean Finest Singer <3

Se7en– ( La La La)


I know nunmullo jichin apeun nemame
gipeun sangcheo sok ane
geuga itttan geol algi-e
I know geojitttwen sumanheun promise
geuman mitkko barabodeon yeorin neo-ege
neol ulligo geuga tteonadeon nal
neol wirohaettteon bam
naega haettteon mal gi-eokhae
jeo haneure maengsehae neol jikyeojulkke
yeah baby girl


I know that underneath your pain and tears
Deep inside your wounds
You have him in your heart
I know that all your promises have become lies
Your innocence made you believe in him
When he left and made you cry
I comforted you throughout the night
Do you remember the words I said?
I swear on the stars, I'll be by your side
Yeah baby girl


I <3 this song ^^

hier noch der videoclip...watch out


26.3.07 11:58

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